Experience the Bible as one grand redemptive story through storytelling and dialogue


The Bible is not just a list of rules to obey, stories to be inspired by, or morals to live your life by. Sure, the Bible contains rules, stories, and morality, but it is so much more than just these things. It is the True And Better Story of the World. It is a divine drama, a moving six-act play. We long to read our Bible correctly and live our lives faithfully. Using 6 symbols, we're learning to tell the Story in simple but compelling ways. 


story of god

The original 22 narrative set which shows the redemptive arc of Bible that climaxes in Jesus.  Audio of the narratives are included—the audio is often very helpful in learning to tell the Story well.

story of god - for kids

The Story of God edited for elementary school aged children. Many of us use this with our kids at home and we've used it in MC and Sunday gatherings as well.


the story-formed way

A 10 week experience of the Story for missional communities focused on laying the initial foundation for discipleship—both for those who already believe the gospel and those who are investigating it.  This is the version of the Story we use most often.

story of god - leader training

If you're about to lead the Story without having experienced it firsthand. This will give you a leg up. These notes that accompany some training we do with leaders gives you both the why and the how of Storying.