what is a missional community?

A missional community (MC) is a small band of believers, pursuing Jesus together. 'Missional' means that we see ourselves as missionary people, sent by God into our neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools, to bless as we are blessed, and looking to make Jesus and His work known. 'Community' implies that we will do this together, partnering in order to do the work God has sent us to do in our city and lovingly caring for one another in the process. 

What do Missional Communities do?

A strong Missional Community has a healthy balance of our 3 Core Identities (Family, Missionaries, and Servants), meaning you are caring for one another as a Family, bringing the good news to our city as Missionaries, and sacrificially blessing one another and your neighbors as Servants

Practically speaking, that means that Missional Communities meet together weekly to study the scriptures, pray together, meet practical needs, and encourage each other. Missional Communities will often take on specific service projects together. 

Why should I be in a missional community?

Simply, because the church is the Missional Community. Missional Community is how you be who you are in Christ. It isn't an additional program on top of basic Christianity. This is the basic way of following Jesus in the real world. This is how you get cared for and encouraged and how you mature in the faith. 

If you only come on Sundays, you'll be disappointed in your experience and likely frustrated by the lack of care that you receive, not to mention that you'll miss out on the adventure of being the church. 

Many Christians are burned out on programs that do little more than maintain the institution. By getting involved in a Missional Community, you are fulfilling the Great Commission ("Go and make disciples") and doing it in a Great Commandment ("Love God, Love others") way. 


How do I connect to a missional community?  

We have 3 easy pathways to help you get connected to an MC near you:

  1. Use the interactive map above to find a group in your general vicinity. By clicking on the orange icon, you'll see the contact information for that MC leader. Simply call or email them to let them know you'll be coming.

  2. Visit the Connect table during a Sunday gathering. The person at the table can help you identify a group that works for your schedule.

  3. Email Mateja, who can help facilitate a meeting between you and an MC leader in your area.