01 | Intro - Importance of the Gospel


Titus 2.11-15

As a church, we're celebrating 15 years this fall, so we thought it a great time to revisit our core convictions. We're asking God to lead us into the next season of mission and ministry with stunning clarity. Our mission is to form whole-

hearted disciples of Jesus in life-shaping relationships for everyday disciple-making. Basics is about what that means and how we intend to continue accomplishing the mission. This week, we start by unpacking the core message of Christianity: the Gospel or good news. What is the center of Christianity? What is it

all about? And what does that mean for us?

Questions for Discussion:

1. Read Titus 2.11-15. This is the text we’ll be in for the whole Basics series. Consider memorizing it as a community. How might you create space to be formed by this text together?

2. Talk about the Basics series and the manual. What sort of commitment do you all want to make to grow through this series? What are you hoping to see happen in your life and community? How will you pursue that?

3. Read p.8 in the manual together, and talk about what Jesus has done in his life, death, and resurrection. What of this sounds like good news to you? Why?

4. Using the chart on p.10 of the Basics manual, talk through what you see in yourself. Do any of the ‘religious’ characteristics describe you? Which of the ‘gospel’ characteristics are most attractive to you? Where have you seen gospel take root and grow fruit in your life?

5. If you’d like to dig more deeply into this week’s content, you can access the video on our webpage, somaspokane.org/basics. In particular, here are 2 clips to watch and discuss:

6:30-8:45 - The Solar System of Christianity

17:10-25:30 - What Has Jesus Accomplished?

6. Each week, we’ll be giving some ideas for how to engage kids and youth with the basics content. For this week, creatively explain the image Lloyd-Jones uses to describe the difference between religion and the Gospel (p.6). Discuss how the people might respond to the generals versus how they might respond to the messengers. Help your kids make the connection to Jesus’ work on our behalf: How should we respond knowing Jesus has won the victory for us?!

September 8, 2019 - Steve Hart