03 | Formed by the Gospel: Part 2 - Present Tense


Titus 2.11-15

The Gospel is the central message of Christianity, the good news that functions as a hub on the wheel of everything Christianity is. All that is involved in being a follower of Jesus is directly linked to understanding, believing, and living in light of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, ascension, and soon return! Last week, we unpacked the first of 3 statements regarding the power of the Gospel for our personal lives: We have been saved from the penalty of sin by the life and death of Jesus. We celebrated the good news of gracious acceptance with God, once and for all, knowing Jesus took our sin and gave us His righteousness, so that God treats us as if we perfectly obeyed! This week, we look at the ongoing power of the Gospel: We are being saved from the power of sin through the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Jesus rose victorious over death, disarming sin's power, and now sits at the right hand of God interceding for us. And, He has sent the Holy Spirit to empower our lives toward maturity. We mature into holiness - conformity to Jesus - by grace and the work of the Spirit.

Read Titus 2.11-15. This is the text we’ll be in for the whole Basics series.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Recall the 3 Gospel Statements (Past, Present, and Future Tense). Review from last week the Past Tense statement. What does each mean? With which of these - past, present, future - are you least familiar? How might a deeper understanding of that tense affect your life?
2. Re-read Titus 2.11-12. What life changes does Paul describe in the verses? What does real growth and change look like? Change can be hard. What resources do we have through Jesus’ resurrection and ascension?
3. Look at the list of the 4 Gs in p.26-27 of the handbook. Which are you most prone to forget? What are the results when you do? What changes when you are remembering these truths about God?
4. If you’d like to dig more deeply into this week’s content, you can access the video here: https://subspla.sh/whsk5bh. In particular, here is a short clip to watch and discuss: 41:00-42:00 minutes - Embracing the Process.
5. Each week, we’ll be giving some ideas for how to engage kids and youth with the Basics content. This week, explain the Present Tense of the Gospel to your kids. What has Jesus' resurrection and ascension done for us? What difference does that make when our kids disobey?

September 22, 2019 - Steve Hart