02 | Formed by the Gospel: Part 1 - Past Tense


Titus 2.11-15

Basics is designed to equip the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. Over the next 10 weeks, we're unpacking exactly what the Gospel is, what it means to be the Church together, and how to live the mission of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. This week we look at Section 2: beginning to look at what it means to have our lives formed by the Gospel of Jesus. In particular, we'll talk about the good news of God's gracious acceptance; that is, that we have been saved from the penalty of sin through Jesus' life and death. The Christian life is built on the foundation of Jesus' atoning death and victorious resurrection, and results in a new status with God - not only are we forgiven through Jesus, but we're also declared righteous, given the perfect record of Jesus, and invited into a relationship of delight with our Creator that transforms every aspect of our lives.

1. Read Titus 2.11-15. This is the text we’ll be in for the whole Basics series. Consider memorizing it as a community. How might you create space to be formed by this text together?

2. Take a minute and try to speak the Gospel message to one another (or write it down if you’re using these questions alone). How would you articulate the core message of Christianity?

3. Use the manual on page 16-17 to look at Romans 3. What is the bad news about human righteousness? What is the good news about the righteousness of God given through Jesus?

4. Look at the lists of ways we Prove and Pretend (p.18-19). Where do you see yourself in the list? What difference does it make to believe that you are both forgiven and have Jesus’ perfect righteousness?

5. If you’d like to dig more deeply into this week’s content, you can access the video on our webpage here https://subspla.sh/437mgj7. In particular, here are 2 short clips to watch and discuss:

Minutes 45:00-47:00 - God is Pleased With You

Minutes 54:30-1:00:00 - The Growing Cross Diagram

6. Each week, we’ll be giving some ideas for how to engage kids and youth with the basics content. This week, choose one way that the gospel speaks to a family relational challenge (for example, blaming, competing, or shaming). Ask kids how they see those things show up in your home. Explain to your kids why we don’t need to do those things because we wear Jesus’ perfect resume. There’s no need to blame, shame, or compete - we are all forgiven and loved through Jesus!

September 15, 2019 - Steve Hart