06 | Resurrection=Our Defining Reality


1 Corinthians 16:12-24

On Sunday, I gave the image of a person trying to stand on two different boats while going down a stream. One of the boats represents seeing Jesus as our Savior, His death and resurrection as our defining reality, and His returning as our hope. Paul’s focus through the book of Corinthians has been for them to redefine all of life through the work of Jesus, His death and resurrection; particularly, their thoughts, actions and hopes. The other boat that we try to stand on at the same time represents all the other things we quickly move to, to put our hope in and find our value in, that don’t last. These things are real and tangible but fleeting and shallow.

What are the seductive false boats that frequently tempt you to put your time and belief into?

Lastly, Paul leaves us with these directives: to fight with all the fight in us, to hold onto the boat that represents belief in the work of Jesus, to actively work out the love of Jesus, and to find a tribe to accomplish this fight and work with.

Questions for discussion:

1. How can you intentionally hold onto, remember, and tell others the story of Jesus' work on the cross?

2. What are places you can step into to act on this love; particularly, in your family and in humanity where you see injustice?

3. Who is your tribe, your close-knit group that is going to fight and work alongside you until the day that Jesus returns?

In the words of Paul, “the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.”

August 18, 2019 - Scott Cooley