03 | Resurrection Body


1 Corinthians 15:35-49

The heart of the gospel is the death & resurrection of Jesus - His work in history to accomplish salvation by taking the penalty of sin and destroying that slave-master, death. If Jesus has been raised, Paul argues, so shall we. But what will that be like? What is "resurrection," and what does it mean for me? While much of that remains a mystery beyond our comprehension, we know 3 things for sure: we will have real flesh and bone bodies, those bodies will be recognizable but gloriously transformed, and all will be in and through Jesus.


1. Do you spend much time considering death and what it means? Would you say you lean more toward "fear" or "befriend" when you think of it? What does the resurrection of Jesus mean for how a Christian can view death?

2. Paul argues that in the resurrection there will be both continuity (we will have bodies) and discontinuity (they will be transformed). How does that shape our way of life today?

3. Consider Paul's list of contrasts between our current bodies and our future bodies in v.42-44. What sounds most like good news to you? And why?

July 28, 2019 | Steve Hart