02 | Resurrection = Endless Hope


1 Corinthians 15:12-34

Our passage this past Sunday made several powerful statements. If there is no resurrection then our faith is empty. Jesus’ bodily resurrection is the substance of our faith, it is the hope that extends to our resurrection, and it is the invading of the new into the present evil age. What a beautiful picture! Jesus working tirelessly to destroy every evil dominion and ending with conquering all of death and at the end of time handing over the restored world to His Father.

Living with, and believing in, the resurrection of Jesus leaves us with the possibility to say “Now how can we live?” If the resurrection happened and Jesus came up out of the ground, we get eternity and to live in the now with different confidence and hope. So what are you going to try? Walkthrough your days with the past, present, and future of the gospel in the forefront of your minds and see what you notice and hear. Remember what Jesus did and promised regularly and then watch and listen as you encounter life’s challenges. “Inflate your tires” with the hope of eternal life and then see what path you get to ride.

July 21, 2019 | Scott Cooley