03 | Staying Low


1 Corinthians 10:1-22

Living as a faithful witness to Jesus is challenging, in part because the message of the gospel is so contrary to the priorities and practices of our culture. But there's another challenge, more subtle and powerful: How do we live as faithful witnesses to Jesus when the priorities and practices of our culture are often so attractive, promising immediate fulfillment and happiness? The temptation is to take the good things of the world - success at work, happiness in the home, the freedom to recreate - and turn them into idols, allowing our affection and allegiance to be pulled away from Jesus. How do we live in a world full of idols, and keep our minds, hearts, and lives devoted to Jesus?


1. Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-22. Paul is bringing a strong word of challenge to Christians in Corinth who are self-assured in their faith, confident that they’re standing firm. What seems to be the lesson? See particularly v.12. 

2. The attitude described in v.12 is presumption. What is presumption? What did it look like for Israel, according to v.1-10? How does it show up in our lives today?

3. Paul says that beneath our presumption is our idolatry: When we’re unaware of the motivations of our hearts, we’re prone to be arrogant or self-assured in our faith. How does awareness of our heart’s motivations help to free us from presumption?

4. Paul says that God allows trial in our lives to help us see what our hearts really worship and trust, so that we’ll be set free to rest in the faithfulness of God to us in Jesus. In what ways is God doing that in your life today? 

April 7, 2019 | Steve Hart