05 | Gospel Formation Summary & Sharing


Titus 2.11-15

Over the last 3 weeks, we've looked at the past, present, and future tenses of salvation: We have been saved from the penalty of sin (past), are being saved from the power of sin (present), and will be saved from the presence of sin (future). All 3 have massive implications for us as followers of Jesus, and taken together can transform our lives. But how does that transformation happen? This week we explore Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3.14-21, where he asks the Spirit to bring the truth and power of God's love for us in Christ deep into our hearts. We look at how to welcome this process and hear stories of how people in our church family are experiencing the Gospel's power today.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Read Ephesians 3.14-21. The focus of Paul’s prayer is the Spirit’s work to drive the love of God in Jesus into our hearts. Why is the Bible ruthlessly “heart” focused when it comes to real growth and change? What happens if we ignore, minimize, or deny the central role of the heart?

2. What is one area of living (thoughts, words, or actions) that you’d like to see change? What is the root or heart issue involved (think: what am I believing, desiring, or trusting)?

3. What aspect of the Gospel, if it was “known beyond knowledge,” would fill you with the fullness of God and set you free?

4. If you’d like to dig more deeply into this week’s content, you can access the Gospel Formation Workshop videos here:

(Part 1) https://subspla.sh/tzq655p

(Part 2) https://subspla.sh/m2fnskt

5. For Kids & Youth: Discuss with your kids why the focus of change is the heart (consider Luke 6.43-45). As much as we want our kids to obey us and God, we are ultimately hoping God will grab ahold of their hearts and desires, and lead them into newness of life. Pray with your kids, asking the Spirit to fill our hearts with the love of God!

October 6, 2019 - Steve Hart