04 | Prayer


2 Peter 1:3-11

While we cannot bring real change in our lives through direct effort, we can participate with the God by engaging in simple, regular practices that help us see the gospel clearly and invite the Spirit to do his work in us. As we wrap up our series, we’re summing up what we’ve learned this month and moving toward engaging in key habits of grace that can propel a lifestyle of growth and maturity.

January 27, 2019 | Steve Hart


Read 2 Peter 1:­3-11

  1. What indicative (statement of fact or promise) in this text is most striking to you? What does Peter want us to know about God, what he’s done, and who we are in Christ

  2. What are the imperatives (instructions or commands) in the text? What is Peter urging us toward?

  3. When you think of godliness, what image comes to mind? How does Peter’s description in v.5-7 shift your understanding? If godliness equals becoming like Jesus, what is Peter telling us in v.3 is possible in our lives?

  4. Steve mentions 3 pieces to a lifestyle of growth and change: Vision, Intention, and Means. Unpack each one, and discuss their importance.

  5. What habits of grace are you currently engaged in? Are there specific habits you’d like to add into your life in this season? How might these habits position you for the work God wants to do in you?