02 | Life


2 Peter 1:3-11

Real growth and change begins with a VISION of who God wants to make us by his grace. Peter tells us we've been given everything for a lifestyle of godliness - that we can actually share in the life of God, growing in true goodness, steadiness, affection, and love. Once we have a vision, we need INTENTION, a sturdy commitment to do all we can to move toward maturity. This begins with an ongoing willingness to really face ourselves and see what needs to change, and then requires our whole-hearted effort toward that change ("make every effort," Peter says). But what kind of effort is needed for real change? What is Peter actually calling us to do? Since we're not just digging deeper and trying harder, what does grace-based effort really look like?

January 13, 2019 | Steve Hart


Read 2 Peter 1:1-­11

  1. Consider Peter’s list in v.5­-7. What kind of person is Peter describing? What is his vision of maturity?

  2. Peter gives 3 reasons why we should “make every effort” to grow into maturity (v.8, v.10, and v.11). What are his reasons? Why do they matter?

  3. In v.9, Peter tells us the kind of effort we need to make in order to grow. What is he saying about the areas of unfruitfulness or ineffectiveness in our lives? How is his answer different from what you might expect?

  4. Peter puts his process in the negative (“whoever lacks...”). How might you rephrase it in the positive? In other words, what leads to real growth and change?

  5. As you consider some areas the Spirit is working to grow and mature you, what aspects of who Jesus is and has done really need to get worked in? How might you do that?