12 | The Gospel for Pagans


This week’s text is Acts 14, Paul preaching the gospel among non-churched pagans. After Acts 13, he is more clear about taking the gospel to the Gentiles. And though Acts 14 starts with him in the synagogue again, the bulk of the text looks at how he preached Jesus to people who don’t know the bible, don’t believe in one God, and don’t have a sense of sin (as breaking God’s rules). Interestingly, Paul starts a few steps back before the gospel - he speaks about idolatry (building your life and hope on something other than God) and contrasts that with the One Living God, Creator of all things. He also emphasizes the mercy of the Creator (giving good gifts to all) and the moment of reckoning (God is now calling everyone everywhere to trust in his Son). It is a very different way of presenting the very same Gospel, calling people to turn to God in repentance and faith, trusting in Jesus.

Release Date: April 29, 2018