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There are over 2000 homeless students in Spokane. These children attend school during the day and come home to a car, tent, 24-hour restaurant or doubled up situation.  You can help change the course of  a child’s life by partnering together with Soma and your Spokane church community.  By helping provide hospitality in one of a few different areas during our hosting week, you can become one piece of the puzzle that helps bring clarity and direction to a homeless child and their family.  

Family Promise of Spokane is a non-profit homeless shelter whose mission is to address homelessness in our community — one family at a time. Since 1997, Family Promise of Spokane has provided families with young children who are homeless with a supported pathway to self-sufficiency by partnering with churches to provide housing, meals and hospitality.  Through hundreds of churches in the past twenty years, over 400 families have found home again. By providing both day and night time housing, case management, nutritious meals, transportation, and social services to address issues that may have contributed to the situation, Family Promise gives parents a chance to focus on finding employment and provides guidance to create a plan to return to permanent housing.

Every quarter, Soma and Plymouth rotate weekly with thirteen other host churches in Spokane to provide a few homeless families shelter, meals and friendship.   Each quarter, two to three families at a time will sleep in our classrooms during the week, have meals in the Colony room and find refuge in the building.  These families have been vetted with background checks. The parents have no felonies, are not taking drugs or alcohol and are desperately looking for a way out of homelessness.  We need around 50 people to volunteer during the week to play our part in helping families find home again.  


There are three key areas to sign up to serve our guests for host week:

  1. DINNER HOST - You are responsible for making a meal for up to 16 people (including you and/or dinner host). Please list what you are cooking in the comments section on the Sign Up website (or let Kristin Green know) to ensure families do not eat the same meal all week. We will let you know ahead of time about allergies. You are the first to arrive at the church building (5:00-5:30pm) and coordinate the evening meal. Meet families as they come in, help them find their room (only on Sunday), pray and visit over dinner, invite families to help with cleanup, help families feel welcome and comfortable. Stay and supervise until overnight host arrives (7:30-8:00pm). 

  2. OVERNIGHT HOST - You will arrive after dinner (7:30-8:00pm), get a report from the dinner host about each family’s situation, oversee bedtimes, monitor overnight, and help with morning routine and breakfast. Family Promise drivers should be there to pick families up by 7 am. Some families have their own cars. Either way they need to be out by 7 am, except on Saturdays when families will be able to sleep in and leave at 9 am. After family departure, go through the cleanup and lockup checklist. (Most nights all you need to do is turn on/off the lights and get breakfast items ready in the morning.) Overnight hosts will sleep on a folding cot (similar to this one) and need to bring their own bedding/sleeping bag and pillow. 

  3. LOAD-IN/LOAD-OUT - Load-in is Sunday afternoon immediately following the Sunday gathering around 12:15. We need help setting up rooms, bringing in beds/sheets/pillows, and stocking basic needs. Load-out begins the following Sunday after the families have packed up all their belongings and left for the day center. Families should be gone by 7am and Load-out will begin at 8am. Pack up and transfer beds to the trailer for the next church in the Family Promise Rotation and get classrooms put back together for the Sunday gathering. 

Volunteer brunch on January 7 at 9am for everyone serving or anyone wanting to hear more information about this incredible ministry. Coffee and refreshments provided as we prepare our hearts and minds for serving our guests.



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