We want to encourage you to grow in awareness of how God has uniquely wired and gifted you for building the body of Christ. Paul says he “does not want us to be uninformed” when it comes to the gifts the Spirit gives, and that we’re to “earnestly desire the higher gifts.” His vision is that each member of the church family knows how God has equipped him or her for the sake of serving the Church and her mission, and that we show up ready and eager to use what God has given us in service of one another.

The absolute best way to discover how you are gifted for building the body of Christ is by diving deep into life in community.
It is in the context of shared life that we learn more of who Jesus is for us, who God has made us to be in Him, and how we can love one another with what we’ve been given. We learn to be the body of Christ by being with the body of Christ!

At the same time, there are a number of really helpful tools available today that can assist you in the journey self-awareness. Each tool is unique, and no tool is perfect. Some of the tools are more aligned with the bible’s lists of spiritual gifts, others look more at basic strengths and weaknesses, while others deal more with how we engage in relationship. While they all have their place and can be helpful, we’ve chosen just a few to suggest below that may be helpful as you learn more of who God created you to be and how he has gifted you for ministry and mission.

Life Languages:
Many in the Soma family engaged with Life Languages a few years ago, and found it really helpful. Based on the list of gifts in Romans 12, Life Languages tries to help you think about how you view life, engage in relationship, and how you might serve the body in your giftedness. The Life Languages profile can be found here, and costs $50.

A robust set of 3 different assessments, this tool will help you discern your Personality, Spiritual Gifts, and Leadership Style. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have a simple but fairly robust picture of what God has entrusted you with and how you can serve and lead in the family of God. The AssessME tool can be found here, and costs just $15 for the 3 assessments.

Strengths Finder:
This tool is exactly what it sounds like, a simple way to hone in on your greatest strengths. The philosophy here is that knowing your strengths and leaning into them is the best way you can serve the body of Christ. Strengths Finder is particularly helpful for learning how to lead. The Strengths Finder tool can be found here, and the simple version is $20 while the more robust version is $50.

This tool has gained a ton of popularity lately, and - like many of these tools - is often misunderstood and misapplied. The Enneagram is designed to help in the journey of self-awareness - not a means to pigeon-hole anyone - and can help you understand how your personality has both inherent strengths and vulnerabilities. When combined with a robust understanding of the gospel and the significance of our own unique stories, the Enneagram can be a great tool. We recommend the WEPPS Enneagram Profile which can be found here and costs $10. Please note: the Profile results will require someone able to interpret them for you, so please see below if you’re interested in using this tool.

As you engage in these tools (or others), you’ll inevitably find an invitation from the Spirit to explore the story that you have lived, in all its beauty and brokenness. We have men and women shepherds who’d love the chance to sit with you as you learn, reflect, repent, and heal. If you’d like to talk to someone about your spiritual journey, how God has wired and equipped you, and how you can continue to grow as a disciple of Jesus, contact us.