Over September, we’re remembering the foundations of who we are and what we’re doing, encouraging everyone in the Soma family to revisit our 3 Priorities and  our 4 Practices. Our hope is to grow strong this year - deepening our discipleship to Jesus and broadening our reach into the world together, so that our region is saturated with the good news of the gospel. Use this series to set a trajectory for you, your family, and your community this year. Review our Priorities and Practices, and come ready to say “I’m In!” at our 14th Anniversary Party on September 23rd. 

Soma Spokane is built on these 3 Biblical Priorities:  

  1. The Christian life is fueled by an ever-deepening understanding and sensing of the Gospel message - the good news of God’s gracious personal rescue and eventual restoration of all things through the life, death, resurrection, and return of Jesus.

  2. We are rescued as individuals and placed into Community, called to be God’s church in the everyday - a renewed people with a new identity everywhere we go.

  3. Every Christian is called to the Mission of making disciples of Jesus in ordinary life - we want our region saturated with the good news of the gospel in word and deed.

In light of these 3 Priorities, we give ourselves to 4 Biblical Practices:

  1. Go: Through faith in Jesus, we’ve been given a new identity as a Family of Servants and Missionaries. As an adopted Family, we cultivate gospel community. As ransomed Servants, we engage our city’s needs. As Spirit-filled Missionaries, we reach out with the good news of the gospel. Together we commit to live as a Family of Servants and Missionaries in the regular rhythms of everyday life.

  2. Gather: Our Sunday gathering is a key moment of connection with God and with one another as well as a time to practice living our identity as a Family of Servants and Missionaries. Together we commit to gather regularly to worship and serve.

  3. Grow: A disciple of Jesus is one who is coming to know the gospel, believe the gospel, and live in light of the gospel. Together we commit to take responsibility for our own development and the development of others as disciples of Jesus.

  4. Give: Gospel Partnership with the Soma family includes joyful stewardship of time, talent, and treasure for the sake of our shared mission. Together we commit to give generously toward the needs of the Soma Family and our disciple-making Mission.

Do you have questions about how this works with your season or stage of life? Let’s talk. These practices aim to lead us to freedom, joy, and fruitfulness as we follow Jesus together this year.