The Gifts of Advent

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Love. Peace. Hope. Joy. The quality of our lives depend on having these gifts in deep and abiding ways. To not have love, peace, hope, or joy leads to a failure to thrive in life and relationship. It is no exaggeration to say that much of our time, energy, and money are spent in pursuit of these things, even when we’re not consciously aware of it. Every day we’re making decisions based on what we think will bring the most love, peace, hope, and joy into our lives. Simply put, our souls need these things in the same way our bodies need food, water, and air. 

And part of what we love about the Christmas season is the way in which these qualities seem to be more accessible or present than other times of the year. The good cheer, the lights, the food and festivities, and the rituals all seem to promise love, peace, hope, and joy. But does this season deliver? 

Throughout history, the weeks leading up to Christmas Day have been known as Advent, the time in which we remember the coming of Jesus into the world. This Advent, we’re exploring these themes, looking at how Jesus can bring the gifts of love, peace, hope, and joy in to our lives in a deep and abiding way.