What makes a local church strong? What does it take to be a stable and growing local church that drills deep into our community and reaches wide into world? What areas of theology and practice need clarification and strengthening, so we can pursue gospel saturation through making disciples that can make disciples? Over the course of the coming year, we’re wrestling with these questions, asking God to make Soma into a steady conduit of his word and work in our region and beyond.

Much of our time on Sundays this year will be in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians - not the first place you’d look to find a biblical example of a Strong Church! The Corinthian church is a mess on so many levels - division and favoritism, funky theology, broken ways of relating, sexual confusion, envy and pride over spiritual gifts, and doubt over the reality of the resurrection! It is the opposite of a Strong Church in so many ways, but it will allow us to explore the myriad of ways we can drift from what really matters, in order that we might be corrected and strengthened, helping us deepen our discipleship to Jesus and widen our disci- ple-making in our region and beyond. I’m trusting it will prove to be a humbling, encouraging, and emboldening season of learning for us all.